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VIDEO: Museveni’s Coronavirus Directive Comes Into Force As Travelers Are Forced Into Mandatory Quarantine At Own Cost



Love him or hate him, one thing about Museveni is his charm to deliver stiff measures on a lighter note. During his first address on the Coronavirus where he announced the country is yet to confirm any case, he cracked up many.

As a preventive measure, Museveni announced the banning of all social gatherings including entertainment joints, “The merry-making, discos, dances, bars, sports, music shows, cinemas, and concerts. These are very dangerous gathering points with the virus around. Drunkards sit close to one another. They are a danger to themselves. All these are suspended for a month.” He declared.

Museveni also closed all the schools. During his address, he suspended travels to category one countries that have already been flagged with high Coronavirus cases. However, on foreigners residing in Uganda and planning to traveling and Ugandans outside planning to travel to the country, Museveni said, “Foreigners  going to those countries are free to go provided they are not returning. We cannot stop Ugandans from returning home but they have to go through quarantine.”

“Ugandans coming back from abroad will not be stopped, but they will be placed under quarantine at their own cost. Foreigners going out cannot be stopped from doing so either provided they are not coming back within 32 days.” He continued.

True to his words, Ugandans immigration officials are already implementing the directives that are meant to stop the passage of the virus into the country.

As seen in the video below, passengers arriving were allocated different hotels to stay according to countries of origin. More to it, they are compelled to foot all the bills including the police security whom will ensure they don’t leave the mandatory quarantine space until the 14 days lapses. Those who can’t afford are told to return back.

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