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Ransomware Attacks In Kenya Increased By 68pc



Kenya registered 8pc overall decline in cyberthreats last year according the latest analysis by Kaspersky.

Ransomware attacks increased by 68pc, backdoors by 47pc, exploits by 22pc and phishing by 19pc

“As the cyber security landscape evolves, cyber threats continue to become diverse and sophisticated,” said Amin Hasbini, Director of META Research Center Global Research and Analysis Team (GReAT), Kaspersky.

The firm said Kenya came in second after Turkiye with 39.2pc of users affected by online threats which are caused by vulnerabilities on web pages in emails or web services since Kenya has the highest internet penetration in Africa.

“This trend is evident due to the emergence of advanced technologies like AI and the escalating geopolitical and economic turbulence within the Middle East, Turkiye, Africa (META) region. These factors collectively contribute to the surge in cybercrime and the heightened complexity of cyber attacks,” he added.

Kaspersky, through their Cyber Immunity Approach, has created solutions that are impossible to compromise and minimize potential vulnerabilities.

Victims have been advised to backup data, apply multi-layered security defenses that scan suspicious email attachment and keeping the software up-to-date to minimize entry points of ransomware.

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