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I Love Ruto, Finance Bill Is Meant To Help Kenyans, Passaris Vows To Support

Passaris called out critics of the Finance Bill 2024 saying that the President needs funds to run the country.



Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris has sworn to support president Ruto’s economic policies in the face of Finance Bill 2024.

Passaris who couldn’t hide her admiration for the head of state

saying he loves how he runs the government.

According to Passaris, one of Ruto’s agenda, the Finance Bill 2024 is meant to help Kenyans and she will throw her weight behind the President to ensure it succeeds.


According to her, being in Azimio does not necessarily mean she hates the President.

“Just because I’m in Azimio and I’m a Baba Girl, I also admire Ruto, I admire the President, so get with it. I don’t give a crap what you think. Just because I’m in Baba’s party, doesn’t mean I have to hate Ruto. It is not in my being. I love the President, I love the way he does things. I love his dedication to serving this country,” she confessed.

Passaris added her admiration for the President grew after he came out to help a schoolgirl who did not want to go to school but the president looked to convince her to go to school.

According to Passaris, the President touched her life in a special way that she will never forget.

“You can’t hate from Monday to Friday for the whole year,” she said.


Political future

Additionally, in the 9-minute-long video, Passaris addressed those threatening her political future in the 2027 elections, dismissing their warnings with a reminder of the uncertainties of the future.

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“Don’t threaten me with 2027, first of all, you don’t even know if you’re going to be alive to vote, so just pray that you vote because if the only agenda you have for 2027 is to vote me out, just remember there’s going to be many people who want to vote me in, that’s if I’m alive and if that’s God’s plan for me. So quit with the threats all the time.”

“I will vote for it”

Passaris called out critics of the Finance Bill 2024 saying that the President needs funds to run the country.


She, however, said that there are some things she disagrees with in the Finance Bill 2024.

“Those of you who keep calling me ‘Msaliti’ because I voted for the Finance Bill 2023, well, there is going to be another one coming and even though there are some issues I may disagree with, I’m gonna vote for the Finance Bill 2024,” she said.

“We are going to try and make sure that the finance bill is going to be less harsh on the people but remember, we are a country that is in a bad space.”

Passaris Criticized

Kileleshwa MCA Robert Alai, however, took issue with Passaris’ stance and criticized her remarks.


He critiqued officials forming relationships with power holders, stressing that political leadership must prioritize citizen service, not personal connections, implying that Passaris’ approach could compromise the integrity of governance.

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“With all due respect to my Woman Rep. When you elect leaders to make love to those with greater powers, you know you really messed big time,” noted Alai.

Furthermore, the Kileleshwa MCA emphasized the importance of citizen focused leadership, stating, “Political leadership is not a PIMP empire or brothel when you have to make love to each other. It’s about citizens and service notlove.”

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