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DCI Cautions Kenyans Against Online Transactions, This What To Do



With many Kenyans embracing the Internet usage, a big number of citizens are embracing online shopping. Fraudsters are also moving away from the streets for the inter webs, not a day passes without a case of someone having defrauded on the Internet. Kenya is ranked as the third top country with highest cybercrime after Nigeria and Tanzania.

Serious precautions therefore need to be engaged with increasing cases and the fraudsters steadily diversifying their tactics. In their latest statement, the DCI are admitting to overwhelming reports of being defrauded and advising on how not to fall a victim to avoidable situations.

Below is the statement;

FOLLOWING overwhelming reports of Online Fraud to our DCI Offices across the country, we wish to CAUTION Members of the Public against engaging in Online Transactions with Companies, Agencies and/or Individuals they have no credible information about, to avoid ..putting at stake their hard-earned money. Rampant among these cases include;

-Online groups luring jobless Kenyan youth on promises of getting them jobs within and abroad,
– Online product vendors who disappear once payments are done in advance,
– online car hires that never materialize.
-online cash traders (Forex Exchange)
-social media sites bearing prominent people’s profiles aimed at misleading and extortion,
-fraudsters making random calls while posing as service providers to cause panic to unsuspecting victims, informing them of possible security breaches to their Bank & Mpesa accounts hence end up revealing their confidential particulars,
-Agencies/Individuals advertising non-existing Rental Houses and/or Plots for sale, who ask for deposits while faking high demands after which they lie low on the victims.

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Pursuit of these criminals is in most instances a lengthy procedure calling for Cyber-Forensic Interventions, mostly because perpetrators use different social media/Sim Cards to contact different people, after which they block & delete their accounts upon successful transactions.

In this regard, we urge the public to Always & Immediately report to their nearest Police Stations any time they lose their ID Cards, Sim Cards/Mobile phones & Laptops, Personal Documents including Academic Testimonials & Driving Licenses, & to obtain Abstract Forms thereby issued.

This is essential for, not only getting police assistance in recovering the lost items, but also goes a long way in Strengthening the Victims’ Defense in case any such documents are subjected to Unlawful use by the perpetrators. The DCI remains committed to working with citizens of goodwill in Fighting Crime at all levels through our Dedication, Care & Integrity.

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