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Controversial Somali Fugitive Establishes New Base Of Operations In Kenya



A controversial Somali fugitive who was recently released from prison in Somalia has found and established a safe haven in Kenya. The man, Abdalle Ahmed Mumin, who has had several run-ins with Somalia’s authorities gained entry into Kenya from where he perpetuates his anti-government campaigns while hiding under the cover of a victimized journalist.

While observers note that he is just a clever person attracting trouble to market himself with global NGOs and funding bodies, security analysts point to his activities being direct security threats to Somalia who is still struggling to regain stability. Further, Abdalle Ahmed Mumin’s activities have increasingly attracted support from radical groups with links to Al-Shaabab who wish to see the fragile Somali government crumble.

Mumin has reportedly made contact with radical groups in opposition to the Somalia government who are fanning anti-government activities right from Nairobi. It is not inconceivable to point out that Mumin and his group of extremists hope to strain the Kenya-Somalia relations which have been very vital in the continued war against Al-Shaabab and other extremist groups.

Even more shocking is the new angle Abdalla Ahmed Mumin has taken of not only attacking Somalia’s government officials but also revealing the operations of Somalia’s prisons and security agencies. As if not enough, Mumin has gone ahead to launch an online campaign of exposing the identities of several NISA (Somalia’s intelligence agency) officials putting them in the radar of terrorists.


In their hate against the new Somali government, Abdalle Ahmed Mumin and his main benefactor Hassan Ali Khereye (Former Somali Prime Minister) are not only risking the lives of Somalia’s intelligence and security officials but are also clawing back the gains made in the fight against terrorism. The two forget that terrorism isn’t a Somalia-problem but a regional as well as continental problem with neighboring countries like Kenya being direct casualties of terror attacks.

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Further, by using Nairobi as the headquarters of their clandestine operations, Abdalle and his benefactors are working hard to make it appear that Kenya is sympathetic to their dirty campaign and condones such activities.

Whose bidding is Abdalle Ahmed Mumin doing by constantly attacking Somalia’s security agencies and laying the grounds for an Al Shaabab takeover?

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