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Ignore CS Moses Kuria statements on Misguide Family Planning Programmes, Jisort Na Contraceptive!



CS Moses Kuria Statements on Family Planning should be Shut. Inflation is crippling across people’s houses, with prices of Unga, cooking oil, Sugar sky rocketing. How many kids does CS Moses Kuria have? Can he himself take up the role of Kenyans and add the world. He is privileged, rich, he can afford a child every year for the next 20 years.

Family Planning, or rather Contraception as most of our kind like to call it, as we have sex for pleasure not to plan any families, we don’t want kids now, maybe in the future. Yes embrace population, if you can be able to take care of babies that you bring to this world being aware that it costs money, good roads, good hospital, good educations system.

Something that CS Moses Kuria forgets to mention to you is that in some of those countries, the government has programmes and swift processes that take care of their people. Whilst in Kenya, new taxes are being proposed left, right and centre. The Finance Bill 2023 is here to leave you with 1000Ksh out of your 20,000Ksh salary after all those proposed levies. Sometimes I sit and wonder where is the hustler in this government? Politicians are selfless humans.

Kenya’s poverty level is increasing. According to Statista, in 2022, 17 percent of Kenya’s population lived below 1.90 U.S. dollars per day. This means that over 8.9 million Kenyans were in extreme poverty, most of whom are in rural areas and also in the urban informal settlements, and this can further be contextualized to some of the cases in the Shakahole Massacre who were fasting to see the endless milk and honey, brainwashing poor, unemployed people in the promises of good life is wrong. Raising a child needs so much more, so plan for your family, space them out if need be, use Contraception!

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CS Moses Kuria refers to Indonesia and he continues to mention that the country has made the best use of its 300 Million people. Any government that is able to make use of its population and use its resources will definitely get Indonesia where it is. When on the hand you compare Kenya, with an approximate population of about 50 Million people, our debt is approaching 10 trillion, corruption left right and centre, wage bill almost exploding.

Even with the 50 Million of us, Kenya has not been able to make use of us to ensure we are getting to the levels of Indonesia. Everyday Kenyans walk to industrial area to look for work, make thousands of applications, and now your proposing that people need to have more kids?

Contraception involves controlling the population to be able to fend for yourself, be able to meet the needs of your population. It supports child spacing which enables people to plan for their lives, education, career. Most of the G20 countries have swift processes, do not humiliate their citizens with outrageous taxes like what is being proposed in the Finance Bill 2023. Nigeria has almost 200 Million people and the state of poverty is the same, same problems. Governance has remained a huge issue in Africa.

People with money in most cases have 1, 2, maximum of 3 children, not 10. Kenyans continue to struggle to even have 3 meals a day. Programmes that promote use, access and provision of family planning information, services and commodities should be enhanced this remains a great measure for a county to help its people to manage populations, be able to manage and plan what you have at the moment

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So Ji sort Na Contraceptive! Today, Tomorrow and Everyday


Alvin Mwangi

Youth Church Leader

Twitter: @alvinmwangi254

Nairobi, Kenya


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