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Widow Thrown Out Of Runda Home By Land Grabbing Cartel Targeting Foreigners’ Land



Police guarding the grabbed land as widow freezes in cold after being thrown out.

A well organized land grabbing cartel operating in Nairobi that is notorious for targeting huge track of land previously owned by foreigners in the leafy suburbs have struck again.

Despite having all the original documents of ownership, the widow who’s also original owner of a house number 51 Ruaka Drive got shocked to get people on her house renovating. When she enquired she was told to go to court and leave the contractor to continue working.

On Monday night under heavy police security, she was thrown out. Big questions are being asked as to why police would have an hand in the land fraud? There has never been a case in contesting the land ownership and the contractor came out of the blues using the police to forcefully takeover the land.

Its rumored that a powerful figure only named as Mburu colluded with regional police bosses to aid the raid.

According to documents seen by this writer, the land IR 8160/412, sitting on half an acre, was bought by Martin Vester and certified as the owner. Martin was the husband to the displaced widow.

This is not an isolated case, there is the famous, Karen land sagaKaren land saga where similar land cartel forged documents to grab a Sh600M land belonging to a foreigner who had passed away and left property to his lawyer to fulfill his will.

The gang often sniff around for the big truck of land previously owned by foreigners, use their political connections and deep pockets to buy the blindness of authorities, forge documents and grab the land from the rightful owners.

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Case of Martin Vester’s land now being grabbed away from his wife by powerful figures who won’t stop at any point and with high hands in the state machinery is not an isolated case.

”Go to court!” As the widow is told is a long tiresome process being advised by the same grabbers who obviously by now know they’ve sealed loopholes, probably forged documents, bought everyone on the way including corrupted judiciary.

How could OCS, OCPD Gigiri abs regional commander allow junior officers to shield the land grabbers by sending junior officers to guard the premise throwing out the rightful owner. More so why wasn’t she served with an eviction notice in the first place, why wasn’t the widow given a chance to explain her case? The kind of impunity shouldn’t be tolerated and the land which previously hosted part of UN offices, should not be another case of notorious gang grabbing land from foreigners dimming the lights for those planning to buy land and settle in Kenya. It is a very bad sign.

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