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Exposed: The Poor Working Conditions of the National Staff of the KCB South Sudan Ltd



A view of KCB South Sudan headquarters in Juba / FILE

The Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) South Sudan Ltd is on the spot over poor working conditions of its staff in the country, the country’s parliament has been alarmed by the continued violation of human rights that the bank has subjected its citizens to.

“The South Sudanese working in the Bank have complained about the manner in which they are treated by the management of KCB SS-Ltd and that of the KCB Groups located in Nairobi, Kenya. They have tried on several occasions to seek the audience of concerned national institutions, but to no avail, with suspicions being that the senior bank managers in Juba have compromised some of the approached government officials.” Reads part of the statement by MP Mayeng Deng.

In the statement seen by Kenya Insights, KCB has contributed tremendously in the development of the banking sector in the Country as well as provide employment and other Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSRs). However, the Bank seems to have lost its focus of late.

The following are some of the complaints raised by the local staffs of the Bank:

  • Poor enumeration compared to their regional colleagues from KCB: There is too much disparity in payment of staff, for instance the MD is paid a monthly salary of 7.3 Million SSP ( approx. 16,000 USD), and a South Sudanese who is Head of Business and also the principal assistant to the MD is paid about 800,000 SSP (approx. 1,700 USD). The least paid foreign worker , who is an Assistant Manager, is paid more than the Principal Assistant. It should be noted that KCB SS-Ltd made a profit of 3.7 billion SSP in 2021 against a target of 1.7
    billion SSP.
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  • Succession plan: It is suspected that the strategy of the Bank is to phase out
    those who have experience and have been trained by bringing in new staff who will instead take time to gain managerial experience. This has enabled the Bank to maintain foreign expatriates as senior staff. Out of 10 senior heads of Departments only the Head of Business ( the Principal Assistant of the MD) is a South Sudanese, the rest are regional staff.


  • Poorly valued pension scheme: There is a serious glaring disparity between the amount of pension allocated to regional staff versus their South Sudanese counterparts. The South Sudanese are intentionally denied their rightful amounts.(e.g. a south Sudanese who has worked for fourteen years, only go
    Date: June 9, 2022
    home with less than 400,000 SSP).
  • Abuses, intimidations, and bullying: There are allegations that KCB employees are always met with insults and intimidations whenever they present their grievances. A number have faced disciplinary panels and many have been fired later. A number have received warnings in form of severe reprimand. They are a number of sexual harassment allegations raised by female staff and have been treated with less attention by KCB SS-Ltd and the KCB Groups. The Bank has instead punished one of the victims instead of according her the sympathy she deserves.

The parliamentarians are now demanding for the bank to immediately harmonize the salaries of all the staff without discrimination and favoritism.

They are also demanding for the bank to lay bare their stand on sexual harassment and protection of the vulnerable clients and employees. And a declaration of the bank to commit itself to the implementation of the Labor Act requirement on the number of foreign expatriates and succession plan for the local employees.

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They’ve urged the bank to implement the recommendations failure to which they’ll move ahead to instill unmentioned actions against the institution.

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