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The Cry Of A Russian Girl Deceived By A Kenyan Playboy: Billionaire Paul Ndung’u Abandoned Baby Mama Seeks Interpol Help To Arrest Him



Billionaire Paul Ndung’u during the good old days with lover Natalya Semyonova in Russia.

A Russian woman has sought for the help of Interpol to help her in getting justice that her country’s judicial system has denied her. According to a report on a Russian publication seen by Kenya Insights, Natalya Semyonova, is threatening to sue the billionaire, Paul Ndung’u, whom she was in a relationship with after the oligarch came to Russia.

Speaking to the media outlet, Semyonova cries that her life has never been the same since she met Ndung’u in a relationship that left her with his offspring and despite all her efforts to reach him to take responsibility after fleeing, the system has been unhelpful. “I just don’t know what to do! My life turned into a nightmare! The Russian judicial system is not able to help me, I want to sue in Kenya.” She told the publication.

Ndung’u and Natalia when he was in Russia.

The story began in June 2016, the oligarch from Kenya went to Russia, where he met Natalia absolutely by accident. Paul immediately fascinated the girl, ordered expensive wines, gave flowers and gifts. The African guest also promised Natalia that he would marry her, take her with him to Kenya, buy her a luxurious villa by the ocean and she would live there just “royal.” The girl, of course, believed everything, but Paul Ndung’u generosity quickly ended, he soon left for Kenya, but promised that as soon as he reached Nairobi, he would send her money, a plane ticket, and get a visa, and soon they would be happy together. However, time passed, and Ndung’u did not send money or call according to Natalia’s narration of the vents to the outlet.

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A month later, the girl realized that she was pregnant! She immediately reported it to Ndung’u, and then he blocked her.

According to the report, Natalia and her family are Christians and are deeply religious people, so there could be no question of any abortion, Mrs. Semenova firmly decided to “give birth”. On March 15, 2017, she had a child – a boy, in her birth certificate he is recorded as: Alexander Ndungu Semyonov.

The report concludes that there’s little hope from the Russian judicial system, because Paul Ndung’u is not under the jurisdiction of the Russian Federation.

Natalia is going to apply to Interpol on the fact of fraud, as well as to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

“I ask you to consider this material as an official appeal to all international competent authorities,” Natalia told Obzor-Gazet.

Paul Ndung’u is a Kenyan entrepreneur and the founder of SportPesa, one of Africa’s largest sports betting companies, he has since been expelled from the firm.

In 2019, SportPesa, the company founded by Paul Ndung’u, was involved in a tax dispute with the Kenyan government. The government had imposed a 20% tax on all betting stakes in the country, which SportPesa refused to pay. This led to the company suspending its operations in Kenya and laying off hundreds of employees. The dispute was eventually resolved in 2020, with SportPesa agreeing to pay the tax and resume its operations.

In 2018, Ndung’u was also implicated in a money laundering scandal involving a Kenyan politician, Johnstone Muthama. The two were accused of using SportPesa to launder money and finance political campaigns. Ndung’u denied the allegations, and SportPesa issued a statement denying any involvement in illegal activities. The case was dismissed due to lack of evidence.

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The billionaire, who is a shareholder and non-executive director of Life Care Medics, has been investing in private companies with the potential to capture the regional market as part of his plan to diversify from the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE).

His NSE portfolio once peaked at Sh4 billion in the 2000s, allowing him to move the markets and putting him in the list of top 10 shareholders in a number of listed firms.

In 2001, as Kenya’s telecommunications market was being liberalised, he teamed up with Mr Kibe to form Mobicom, a dealer that rode the wave of Safaricom’s success for a decade.

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