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Secret Service In Kenya Hunting Down US Fake Currency Dealers



Secret Service Agents.

The US Secret Service has now confirmed that the Sh2 billion in 100 US dollar notes seized at Barclays Bank Queensway Branch in March are fake.

According to an investigative agent with the US law enforcement agency, Gilbert Gunn, 13,194 specimen notes worth 1.3 million dollars were examined before it was concluded that the seized notes are counterfeit.

The notes which were clustered into 43 categories ranging from 1996 to 2004 had been forwarded to them by Kenya’s Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).

“My examination of the above 13,194 specimens determined that they are counterfeit because they do not contain authentic features that are found on the US 100 Federal Reserve Notes (1996 and 2004 style),” stated in court papers filed before Justice John Mativo.

Gunn looked for nine features contained in a genuine US dollar note which include red and blue fibers in the currency, intaglio otherwise referred to as raised printing, typographic printing, security thread and a water mark.

He also checked two special features only in the 2004 style dollar 3D security ribbon and a colour shifting bell in the inkwell.

Officers seized the notes in a safe at Barclay’s Queensway Branch in Nairobi with businessman Erick Adede, insisting his cash was genuine.

Adede wanted the court to force the State to release his money, stating that it is genuine.

He refuted claims that he was a money launderer and accused the DCI and Director of Public Prosecutions of switching his dollar bills with fake notes.

Kenya has been identified as a risk ground with fraud characters dealing in fake currencies. In near past, many have been been caught with fake US dollars. DCI and DPP have been in the US where they held meetings with FBI and all security agencies. In discussion, illicit money flow has been s topic.

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According to a source, secret service has mapped and marked out the fake US dollars currency syndicate and that most of recent arrests has been initiated by them taking a silent seat. This is a result of lengthened investigations and that most are expected to be arrested.

Jared Ochieng who’s amongst the latest to be arrested in the syndicate, is amongst those said to be in the secret service’s eyes alongside his web that includes fraudulent lawyers like Tom Okundi whom he operates with hand to hand in his fake gold scamming.

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