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Rot In KNH As Impunity And Arrogance In The Management Continues



Kenya Insights has been serializing the scandals and problems engulfing the Kenyatta National Hospital and how the deaths of the staff out of crude environment has been unending issue. We also told you how KNH CEO, Dr Evanson Kamuri is to blame for the rising deaths of the personnel and his dismissive I don’t care attitude that continues to not only demoralize the referral hospital but shrink the workforce.

We ask that you pay close attention to the following issues exclusively researched and unearthed by Kenya Insights that are running down the hospital that was once the pride of East and Central Africa. For those who have been keen to note, services at the hospital have been going down tremendously in the last three (3) years even as the authorities watch. This has caused a lot of issues in the management and within the staff. Misuse of power and abuse of office have been the highlights. Some of the issues are indicated here. Dr. Kamuri has been the CEO for the period and he seems to be clueless on how the institution should be run and now everything is going south. Raising a lot of questions on his competence and why something has to be URGENTLY done.
The Board of Management
KNH has not had a  Board of Management for one year plus. This has brought a serious gap in the management and administration of the hospital. The cunning CEO and some directors in the hospital have exploited this gap to the disadvantage of the hospital. Led by the CEO, Director – Procurement and the Director – HR, the management has made the hospital their private property. The Chair of the board Mr. Ooko is a very polite and weak chairman. He doesn’t seem to understand the details of the hospital well two years down the line. The CEO has noticed that and has completely blocked him from seeing the gaps and weaknesses in the hospital. Dr. Kamuri can also be very manipulative. He has been able to manage the board chairman through some soft benefits that are available to him.
Dr Kamuri the CEO and Human Resource
The CEO is the leader of the entire cartel. Since he took over the office in 2019, he has made sure that laws are not followed. The three main administrative departments that are key in ensuring effective and sound utilization of public funds i,e Finance, Procurement and HR are headed by one tribe, That is the tribe of the CEO (Kikuyu). Before he took over the office, only one out of the four offices was headed by kikuyu. To make the matters worse, they were chosen (appointed) and didn’t go through any competitive process as per the law. In the affiliations department, he disagreed with Dr. Menge and as his usual character, with backup from the ministry of health, transferred him to the ministry. No one understood that it was calculated until he appointed Mr. Mbogo, a very junior and inexperienced officer to the office of the Director, Affiliations. (Another Kikuyu). The CEO has made the hospital his home and an urban village. He has three (3) wives, three baby mamas and four girlfriends. All of them are working in KNH. It has also come to the knowledge of the public that even the CEO was not qualified for the position and those who installed him into the position are now nowhere to be found. That was the previous board. In the interview, the CEO was number 6. The weakest candidate in the interview. But this is Kenya and we know how it goes. He was made the CEO by his cartels regardless. His specialization is also questionable. When his peers were going back to medical school for specialization, he took a shortcut and did some short cut certification somewhere unknown. He’s not a complete consultant.
Marketing Manager/ Dave Opiyo
The CEO, has employed one Mr. Dave Opiyo, who is the current Marketing manager of the hospital. Dave Opiyo used to work with one of the media houses and was employed for one purpose: to sanitize the CEO and the hospital. For the last one year plus, everyone can note that KNH has a Facebook account that is totally different in terms of content from what it used to post traditionally. The account belongs to Dave’s friends and is not owned by KNH. Now Mr. Dave has contracted a certain PR company, that he is part of, to post and manage the Facebook account on behalf of KNH. How he settled at the company remains a mystery and issues of him trading with KNH are questionable because he is part of the company. Probably he was not told how the former marketing manager found himself in court after his wife’s company was awarded contracts with KNH for corporate wear under the marketing department. The guy would later be dismissed on the basis of the scandal. What is interesting is that the company has employed quacks and inexperienced staff who don’t understand the affairs and expectations of KNH and end up posting childish, low and unthoughtful posts that instead of sanitizing the hospital, are exposing it further in a negative way. Even in serving a master, one is expected to observe wisdom, ethics and professionalism. All those posts done on Facebook are so low budget, childish, and not of the status of the hospital.
Theatre Deaths at KNH Main Theatre
On Wednesday 20th October 2021, the KNH main theatre experienced a very awkward and unfortunate incident. Oxygen in theatre was at low pressure due to lack of sufficient levels of the same in the hospital. The current supplier has really struggled to satisfy the hospital. So on the fateful day, 24 patients were scheduled for procedure in the KNH main hospital theatres. What is sad to report and is secretly guarded is that all the patients in the theatres at that night died. That morning, the relatives complained and wanted to stage a demonstration but through the office of corporate affairs and marketing, they were cooled down and requested to make it a secret. Some were promised compensation. Of course no compensation can be given. That’s taking advantage of the relatives’ naivety. Kamuri has caused patients’ lives and this will haunt him forever.
Office of the Director Supply Chain Management
Hundreds of complaints have been made in regards to this MIGHTY office and its holders. Mr Miringo has been involved in so many scandals. He’s so drunk with power and money that nothing seems serious to him. Probably because of the serious marijuana he’s been smoking. He has a peddler by the name Maina who is always hanging around the KNH stores to supply him. He has misused the office and now female suppliers are complaining of how he’s been taking advantage of them and demanding for them to sleep with him so as to get contracts. He’s also been reported to have slept with some of the junior officers in the department including one madam Jackile Misoi in procurement. This madam is married but has been moving with the guy severally including one time they went to Machakos for one week to evaluate some tenders for Othaya. The lady is so powerful in the department that she’s always moved to the sections that have the best budgets and where direct procurements are the order of the day. Her colleagues in the departments are always complaining but she has been untouchable. She demands money from suppliers authoritatively just like Miringo- mali ya mdosi. After several scandals, both Miringo and the madam have been moved to a different office within the hospital (same office). He seems to have joined the band wagon of the CEO where they are now together in everything like birds of the same feather. They have chains of women. He takes suppliers to his several constructions and allocates materials for the constructions to the suppliers before he can give them businesses. This is the same person who was involved in the IEBC KIEMS kits scandal and we’ve realized that’s the same scandal that made him leave his former employment. He unfortunately transferred the same unprofessionalism and non adherence to procurement laws to KNH.
Tenders for security services and cleaning services were changed and awarded to Ismax and Kamtix respectively in contravention of key obvious non compliance issues in the tender document. The rightfully qualifying tenderers were not awarded. The bosses enjoy protection and cover up from MP Kanini Kega and speaker Justin Muturi who have interests in both companies.
The former Director  of Procurement madam Rose has been recruited to the curtails and the ongoing impunity. She’s now defending them and asking guys in the procurement department to make money and be rich. This is so unfortunate and will come to an end very soon.
Tender for Insurance Underwriting Services
The insurance tender scandal has been in the media the longest. We noted that this was also a scheme by the same acting director, Procurement. Before the tender was advertised, Mr. Miringo engineered the formation of a committee that included some heads of department. He made sure that he wasn’t part of the committee. The committee was mandated to ensure that the tender document was customized to fit specific insurance companies. What was agreed was that the life business was supposed to be customized for Jubilee only. That they did perfectly. Now the tender has become an issue and it’s stuck at PPRA. The management is working tirelessly to make sure that PPRA delivers a favourable judgement to them. The defense  proposed by KNH is that the tender attracted a lot of companies and therefore it was responsive. This is a weak defense and PPRA has been pushed to close on the matter. The fact of the matter is “waititu” messed with the whole process. KNH procurement needs to be well schooled. IRA gave directive for the different categories of insurance to be split. Insurance companies adhered to this. most of the procuring entities did. KNH is the only organization that hasn’t. Old school mentality. They have intimidated and frustrated all the procurement professionals, some masters holders have been transferred to the morgue and stores where they issue patient files, stocks and move dead bodies. Kamuri and Miringo are very evil characters. Quacks run the department. 
Lack adherence to HR Policies & Procedures 
The CEO employs whoever he wishes. No rules followed. Recently, he employed 13 employees in the procurement department. 11 out of the 13 newly employed come from the same community-kikuyu. This has happened even in other departments. In nursing departments, juniors are promoted to supervise their seniors. Work morale is completely depleted. Staff are planning to demonstrate. All these things he  says are directives from the bosses- PS Mochache and CS Kagwe. We can’t qualify. The CEO says the names are forwarded from the ministry of health by the bosses. Of course that’s just to scare the employees.
Through the ministry of health, KNH was given the mandate to run Othaya. Budget allocated by the ministry. The management has contravened all procurement laws by giving unreasonable contract variations that are against what is provided by law. The president was supposed to commission the hospital in Othaya Nyeri. Based on intelligence at the Office of the President, he cancelled the visit after realizing the massive irregularities ongoing. KNH is now a black spot of corruption and impunity thanks to the new regime. The president has decided to support KU Hospital instead after realizing these inconsistencies.
KNH has been consuming medical supplies from KEMSA for the last three years. The items in most cases are poor quality. Doctors reject them but the management has forced the hospital to use them by all means and if you raise questions you are threatened and intimidated. The CEO and Miringo have been working with the KEMSA team in cutting some deals. Dr John Manjari, the former CEO who was dismissed because of the  deals is their accomplice. One time when Dr Manjari came on admission in the hospital, the CEO was making night rounds to make sure he was okay. At some point he interdicted a night nurse for taking a nap in the ward. When the then inspection and acceptance committee raised issues on the poor quality and near expiry deliveries from KEMSA, the CEO with Mr Miringo disbanded the committee and formed a new one that has been accepting all manner and quality of surgical products into the hospital. Businesses are given to only those companies associated with them and those that agree to give out money.
It has been established that some of the companies in the KEMSA scandal are also suppliers at KNH. Set life Medical Supplies that has been supplying almost all the key items in the hospital in this tenure is associated with them. This company has been supplying both KEMSA and KNH for the last 3 years thanks to both CEOs who have been beneficiaries of the businesses. The tender for examination gloves was awarded to Harleys Limited, who refused to give kickbacks. At the height of impunity, the contract was withheld and instead Setlife company was given contracts to supply pre-sterile gloves. Directive was given that Harleys should not be given orders and instead setlife would supply the pre sterile gloves (which are 10 times more expensive than the examination gloves awarded to Harleys). Pre-sterile gloves are only supposed to be used for surgical procedures. Setlife is a popular company in KEMSA. In KNH, the company supplies everything with a good budget. Procurement officers are always afraid because it’s termed as the CEO’s company. The owner and the CEO have severally been spotted at the social joints drinking expensive alcohols and photos are available. Other items have been awarded to the company. The budget for diapers for babies was increased by 100% and a contract was given to the company. They have exceeded the budget allocated for the item and the supplier is always in KNH delivering cash to his partners. Direct procurements have been done to the company that has continued to supply with exaggerated prices uncontrollably. No adherence to procurement plan and budget set aside for the products.
Chapter 6 of the constitution- Leadership and Integrity

A State officer shall behave, whether in public and official life, in private life, or in association with other persons, in a manner that avoids–

(a) any conflict between personal interests and public or official duties;
(b) compromising any public or official interest in favour of a personal interest; or
(c) demeaning the office the officer holds.

The officers in question have failed to honour chapter 6 of the constitution and therefore it is in order that the necessary actions should be taken against them before the hospital is totally crushed, wrecked and put in shambles.

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