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How Mombasa Tycoon And Pro Gas Owner Jaffer Conspired To Kill Government’s Gas Yetu Project



Billionaire Mohammed Jaffer seen with Raila.

Despite the significant drop of LPG prices at the international market, locally the prices have remained largely unchanged.

A government’s Gas yetu project that was put in place in October of 2016 to make gas affordable to the common mwananchi appears to have been forgotten 2 years later.

The project collapsed due to allegations of corruption, lack of funds and supply of defective cylinders that pose safety risks to users, however, this was notvthe case.  The project was shelved due to corruption and bribery at the energy sector resulting in the government ceding the bulk importation of LPG to Africa Gas and Oil Ltd and in the process denying  the country the benefits of cheap cooking gas.

In 2017 the government allocated Gas Yetu Ksh2.2 billion for the period 2017-2019. A further Ksh700 million was allocated through a supplementary budget raising the total cost of the project to Ksh2.9 billion. Gas yetu project would see millions of households receive subsidised 6kg cooking gas cylinders at a cost of Ksh 2,000. 5 million households were targeted.

Investigations into what led to the collapse of the project reveals a well calculated plan by Pro Gas owner Mohammed Jaffer to kill Gas Yetu.

The government awarded the Gas Yetu tender to a consortium led by Allied East who did not have the ability to deliver, they in turn turned to Jaffers Africa Gas and Oil (AGOL) which also owns Proto who supply Pro gas.

AGOL supplied over 67,251 faulty cylinders which were leaking in the first batch. This was however a grand scheme as the PS Andrew Kamau immediately cancelled the tender purchase despite millions of money having been paid out to Jaffer.

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As Kenyans waited for subsidised gas Jaffer’s Pro gas entered the market offering unbelievably cheap gas, with the help of Energy CS Charles Keter, PS Njoroge and other corrupt officials Pro gas would soon dominate the market.

Pro gas has been accused of hiring thugs to steal gas cylinders from competition and then rebrand to sell at incredibly low prices resuting in calls by the LPG Cylinder Exchange Pool to have the company regulated.

The Exchange Pool members further say they have evidence PS Njoroge gets sh30 million every month in bribery while other officials in the LPG sector pocket not less than sh10 million each month.

Kenyans took to social media to expose and express their outrage after multiple suits filed against Pro gas and the Energy sector get thrown out as Jaffer proves untouchable.

This is an economic crime and authorities need to jump in and save the poor common mwananchi. Jaffer empire and stamp in the petroleum industry is well grounded. Mbaraki Bulk Terminal in Mombasa that he owns. Jaffer is also the founder of MJ Group which is rated as a top clearing and forwarding company in East Africa.

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The billionaire had also been accused of bulldozing and blocking all imports by road from Tanga, Zambia using his political connections. This is one of the reasons Tanzanian Government got hesitant doing business with Kenya.

There’s also an underlying conflict as to how Jaffer’s company arm twisted and got the tender to supply gas cylinders while initially, Allied, a Kenyan only owned firm had won the tender only for him to be blocked out. Now has a plant in Thika.

Jaffer who’s a kingpin in Mombasa, worked with and financed Raila in his presidential bid until they fell out and has since been working with DP Ruto as he needs the political connections to thrive.

Its a shame that a noble project that would mean the public getting subsidized gas has been thwarted by greed. As President Uhuru said that no one is going to be spared, we’re hopeful that the investigating authorities should look into these claims and find justice for poor Kenyans suffering at the hands of fraud billionaires as Jaffer.

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